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FeFiFo International Nutrition Distributors

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Chicago, IL US

FeFiFo.com was started by Chuck Diesel before he started GET DIESEL NUTRITION in 2002.  FeFiFo was going to be a place where consumers could buy solid, effective products that Chuck approved.  This was in 2001.  In 2002, DIESEL FUEL by GET DIESEL took off, and fefifo.com because the direct sale retailer of the GET DIESEL line.  Today there are many good online retailers that sell  GET DIESEL products, but fefifo.com is still around so that consumers do not have to worry about their favorite GET DIESEL product being out of stock because their retailer did not re-order out of stock items.

Today FeFiFo.com operates independent of GET DIESEL NUTRITION, but as 2014 goes on, you will see over 100 products added to fefifo.com that are Certified Diesel products by Chuck Diesel.  What this means is fefifo.com will be the place where you can rest assure that whatever we are selling, it is  a product Chuck stands behind.  Of course if there is some new fancy-smacy product that you just have to have, sure we will sell it to you, but it will not be listed in our featured brands section.

FeFiFo is also taking on a more international push in 2014.  Pretty soon we will offer affordable shipping to over 250 locations world wide!  FeFiFo will offer delivery to Canada and Eastern Europe in about 6 days.  If you are an international customer, please do not order anything illegal in your country also order with a phone and email address so you can be contacted by customs. Over the years GET DIESEL has developed a large customer base in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.  We want to make sure you guys/girls can get our products when your favorite retailer in your country decides they do not want to bring GET DIESEL in.

FeFiFo will also ship over 100 premium supplements worldwide, that may be hard to get in your country. Stay tuned because we have more to come including the new DIESEL PHARMA line.

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