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DIESELADE Three bottle COMBO - Naturally flavored Fermented BCAAs

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Naturally flavored and sweetened.
new delicious flavors

Vegan Friendly Fermented BCAAs

No "chemical - fruit loops" taste or smell!

Benefits of taking BCAAs in DIESELADE:
Health Canada Approved

- Preserve lean muscle mass while dieting (1)
- Increase strength gains while dieting (1)
-  May improve insulin resistance (2)
- Enhanced protein synthesis (3)
- (Leucine) Promotes fatty acid conversion in fat cells to CO2 and water (3)
- (Leucine) May slow muscle loss in older adults (3)
- (Leucine) Anti-catabolic (prevent muscle loss) properties while inactive (resting) (4) (5)
-  Fights muscle damage by decreasing CK and LDH enzymes post workout (6)
- Helps block the feeling of fatigue by reducing levels of tryptophan during exercise (7)(10)(11)
- Slows exercise induced BCAA catabolism which happens when fatty acid usage increases
   (when you increase fat burning) (8) 
- Decreases the rest time needed to perform at max effort (MVC) (9)


- Dissolves instantly and completely in a shaker bottle
- Dissolves in a cup of liquid if stirred with a fork
- No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
- Added benefit of ATP boosters
- Best tasting naturally sweetened BCAAs available
- Low in sodium (~12 mg per serving)
- Smooth refreshing taste
- Made with real fruit flavors
- Creatine free
- Stimulant free
- 100% free of banned substances
- 100% legal worldwide
- No “itchy skin crawling” Beta-Alanine tingles
- Noticeably better muscle recovery
- Magnesium Malate for enhanced endurance and water balance
- Contains ultra premium Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
- NON-GMO Fructose
- Helps with muscle weakness during fasted training

- Reduces muscle cramps and twitching post-workout

- Vegan Friendly Fermented BCAAs and Glutamine


After literally over a year of formula development and flavor testing, GET DIESEL has created DIESELADE: The best tasting, all natural, BCAA product in existence.

What are BCAAs and why take them? BCAAs increase protein synthesis (the rate you build muscle) and have become popular for their lean muscle preserving effects during cardio and weight training. BCAAs have been shown to increase the fat burning process.

Why DIESELADE? There are two main problems with traditional BCAAs. One, they typically do not dissolve in water: DIESELADE however is made using ultra-premium, highly soluble BCAAs that dissolve completely with a few shakes in a shaker bottle. The 2nd problem with BCAAs is they taste HORRIBLE! Think of chewing aspirin and washing it down with Aloe Vera juice! For this reason companies have to use heavy doses of artificial flavors and sweeteners such as Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K) and Sucralose to flavor them. Additionally as with most sports supplements they are heavily colored with artificial colors. This is why most BCAA products taste like melted candy with extra sugar and give most users headaches or make you feel sick to your stomach.

What about the smell? Dieselade smells like a fresh all natural product because it contains all natural ingredients and real fruit flavors. Our BCAAs are fermented and vegan friendly which is why they do not smell like ammonia or chemicals like most BCAA products. The ones that do not specify they are fermented are manufactured from a chemical heavy process that produces that horrible smell.

DIESELADE contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Other manufactures like to highlight points such as "sugar free, low in calories" even go as far to mention their aminos are plant based...but the product is full of sucralose, ace-k, artificial colors and artificial flavors. You wouldn't eat an artificially sweetened and artificially flavored banana or apple would you? Typically consumers over look how my "junk" is in their BCAAs/supplements because they assume all supplements are good for you, but that's not the case. Expect the same quality from your supplements that you expect from your food.

DIESELADE gives you more than just BCAAs. You also get electrolytes, and ATP energy promoters such as D-Ribose and Magnesium Malate. Dieselade also contains L-Glutamine which also boost the anti-catabolic effects of BCAAs, but there are also studies that say you waste a lot of BCAAs trying to manufacture L-Glutamine during periods of stress on the body such as high intensity training, and during post-workout recovery.  Not only is this the hands down best BCAA product you can purchase (performance wise), it is definitely the best tasting natural BCAA product on earth!

Health Canada Approved. To date, Dieselade is the only 100% all natural BCAA product approved by Health Canada. What this means is Dieselade has undergone the lengthy process of being reviewed by Health Canada, the equivalent of the  United States FDA. The difference is in America, supplements are not approved, so their labels, claims, dosages and directions for use are not strictly regulated. There are strict guidelines, but they are not "required" to be sold or strictly regulated. With a Health Canada approved supplement, you can rest assure a government health agency has approved the ingredients, claims, dosage and directions for use. Dieselade is made in the USA.

More information can be found at at getdiesel.com

and Dieselade.com

Chuck Diesel, MBA

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